Posted on: June 24, 2009 9:04 pm

NBA Draft Prospect: PG Rodrigue Beaubois, Cholet

Rodrigue Beaubois: 6-2, 182, PG, 21 Years old, Cholet (France)

Draft rank: #43

PG rank: #15


Has good size and a tremendous wing span to play the point.  Has very good leaping ability.  Extremely quick laterally.  Is very shifty.  Has a tremendous first step that he uses to get by his man and get to the hoop.  Has great anticipation and quickness to get his hands on a lot of balls on the defensive end.  Has very good balance and follow thru on his shot.  Does a tremendous job of faking one way and going the other.  Really attacks the defense and does a tremendous job of drawing contact to get to the foul line.  Has very good ball handling skills.  Has very good pull up capabilities off the dribble.  Does a very good job of holding his follow thru.  Uses his long arms to finish in transition with ease.  Is very hard to stop once he gets a full head of steam with his right.  Has a very nice cross over step back jumper that he uses and then he makes sure to get enough arc on his shot to ensure that it gets above the defender’s reach.  Does a good job of throwing slip passes to the roller on picks. 


Forces the issue and turns the ball over a lot.  Often leaves his feet and gets caught in the air which leads to bad decisions.  Fades back on his spot up shots rather than leaning into them which will limit his range and consistency in the NBA.  Often forces shots from the perimeter instead of working the ball to his teammates.  Struggles when he is forced to go to his left.  Doesn’t always look for his teammates once he breaks a defense down.  Sometimes dribbles with his head down.  Needs to prove that he can be a better passer.  Doesn’t have a good feel for where his teammates are going on the floor.  Needs to show more patience.


Beaubois often raises his hand when he fouls somebody and doesn’t seemed very concerned when fouls are called on him, which is a good thing.  He also makes sure to point or slap five with his teammates when they set a good pick or set him up with a good pass.  One of the concerns I have with him is his ability to get his teammates involved and whether or not he can run a team.  He often looks for his shot which could become an issue if he is running the point in the NBA and he needs to show selflessness in getting his teammates involved.  Often forces passes when being trapped which leads to turnovers. 

Comparison:  Leandro Barbosa, 6-3, 176, PG/SG

Would be a good fit for:  New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs or Atlanta Hawks


Beaubois is a very interesting point guard prospect.  He is jet quick and has the length and shooting ability to really give teams fits on both ends of the floor.  Beaubois should really flourish in the NBA’s transitional open court and I could see him developing into a starting point guard one day.  The problem is that he is still raw and you can see that he struggles when he is forced to make quick decisions.  He will have to learn to take care of the ball while still attacking with the scorers mentality that makes him stick out while on the court. 

Beaubois really reminds me of Barbosa.  Like Barbosa he gets his hands on a lot of balls and is a terrific finisher in transition.  His scoring and shooting ability make him a threat on offense and he can almost always beat his man one on one when he wants to.  Like Barbosa he has a ways to go before he can run a team as a starting point guard.  Look for Beaubois to get serious consideration in the first round, but unfortunately for him this draft is loaded with point guards and teams will have a number of guys who they have had the chance to see for a couple years in college to fall in love with.  But I really like Beaubois’ upside and he would make for a very good 2nd round pick. 

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