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Posted on: June 24, 2009 12:13 am
Edited on: June 24, 2009 12:25 am

NBA Draft Prospect: PG Toney Douglas, FSU

Toney Douglas: 6-2, 196, PG, Sr. (Florida State University)

Draft rank: #36

PG rank: #12


Very complete scorer.  Has a nice floater in the lane to complete a very good mid-range game.  Has very good handles.  Really does a good job passing the ball and setting his teammates up when he is covered.  Takes pride in playing defense and has the energy, build and stance to be very effective on that end.  Has good lateral quickness.  Gets his hand on a lot of balls causing turnovers.  Does a nice job of stopping and starting when attacking the rim.  Is very crafty in getting to where he needs to get.  Does a good job of using misdirection to get to the spot that he wants to get to.  Has good length to play the point.  High volume three point shooter but still shoots for a solid percentage from out there.  Solid free throw shooter.  Does a good job of helping on the boards.  Very quick and shifty. Has very good pull up and stop and pop shooting ability.  Has a nice jump step that he uses to attack the rim.  Has a nice cross-over dribble.  Gets good elevation on his shot.  Has the ability to take a hit and still score.  Does a good job of getting to the foul line. 
He doesn’t just settle for outside shots and isn’t afraid to take the ball to the hoop.  Isn’t bothered by a defender’s hand in his face.  Likes to fake left and go right where he can raise right up into his shot. 


Often forces the ball too much to the right and doesn’t trust his left hand.  May be best suited as a 2 guard, but doesn’t have the size or strength to play that position. Turns the ball over too much for a guy that doesn’t get enough assists.  Often pushes his shot rather than using touch.  Leaves his feet and turns the ball over in the air too much.  Not a great passer.  Doesn’t always get good arc on his jumper. 


Douglas clearly cares about winning and will do what it takes for him to do so.  He often throws his body around and isn’t afraid of getting knocked down.  He is a mature player who has used his 4 years in college to really improve his game.  Mentally I think Douglas should be able to fight for backup guard minutes and provide a team with energy in the backcourt.  Shows good leadership by orchestrating the offense and making sure they get to where they need to be.     
Extra info:

--Transferred from Auburn after his Freshman year. 

CJ Watson, 6-1, 171, PG
Would be a good fit for:  San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets, or Milwaukee Bucks


Douglas is a guy who really knows how to fill it up in a variety of ways.  He can hurt you outside with his jumper and can also take the ball to the hoop and score in the paint.  Obviously, he is not your typical point guard as he has never averaged more than 3 assists per game.  Douglas is a shoot first point guard who can really break down a defense and get them off balance.  The big question mark is whether or not he can run a team as an effective point guard and that is why I have him this low in my ranking. 

As for comparisons he reminds me of CJ Watson.  Like Watson he was a good scorer in college and it might take him a while to break into an NBA rotation.  He has almost the exact same build as Watson and will have to adjust his game and understand that he needs to get his teammates involved first and then he can do his scoring thing. 

Of all the potential first round point guards I have Douglas as the lowest.  While I like Douglas’ game, I am not sure that he will be steady enough to be a backup point guard right away.  He may have to go overseas to work on his point guard skills, but he certainly has the talent and potential to play in the NBA.

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