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Posted on: June 24, 2009 12:00 am
Edited on: June 24, 2009 12:29 am

NBA Draft Prospect: PG Jack McClinton, Miami

Jack McClinton: 6-1, 185 PG/SG, Sr.(University of Miami)

Draft rank: #35

PG rank:  #11


Very good scorer.  Can play either guard position, but is naturally a 2.  Has three point range.  Does a really good job of driving, stepping back and hitting the jumper.  Effortless shooting stroke.  Has a very quick release and great elevation on his shot.  Has a killer crossover that really gives defenders trouble because of his shooting ability.  Has really good quickness with the ball in his hands and when making cuts away from the basketball.  Does a good job of helping on the boards for a guard.  Very good free throw shooter.  While he shoots a high number of threes, he shoots for a good percentage.  Is very aggressive and active on the court.  Has great pull up shooting ability.  Has good spot up shooting ability.  Really does a good job of squaring up and stepping into three point shots which gives him great balance.  Can stop and pop with extremely fast.       


Lacks the size to play his natural position of shooting guard and is actually undersized to play point guard as well.  Doesn’t pass the ball enough for a point guard, especially for someone who will have to play that position at the next level.  Is already 24 years old.  Turns the ball over too much, bad A/TO ratio.  Struggles to defend against bigger guards.  Doesn’t get his hands on enough balls or create enough steals.  Often makes bad decisions in transition.  Right hand dominant.  Not a good finisher at the rim. 


He certainly doesn’t lack confidence.  His swagger can be seen on and off the court.  That swagger may lead to some problems with his coaches, but overall I like to see that mentality from a combo guard whose job is to score.  He sometimes appears over confident and I can see how he will struggle to fit in as a bench player (which is what he probably will be).  The key for him is to keep that confidence and use it when he is on the court, but to not let it boil over and take away from what the team is trying to accomplish. 

Extra info:

--Transferred from Siena after his Freshman year
Comparison:  Eddie House, 6-0, 176, PG/SG

Would be a good fit for:  Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz, or Memphis Grizzlies


McClinton knows what he is.  He is a shooter from just about everywhere on the floor.  He will make it in the NBA if he can bring the same confidence and consistency that he had while at Miami from three point range.  His role will be pretty basic, come in and make outside shots.  When he is on a team can ride him and when he isn’t making shots a team should give him a yank.  No matter what his ability to get his shot off is what should give him a role in the NBA.

The comparison to House is pretty obvious.  Like House, he lives on the perimeter and relies on a quick release and effortless shot to get his points.  He has a similar bounce to his shot that House has used to make a living in the NBA.  Comparing their college numbers they are pretty much the same size with very similar physical make ups.  The statistics actually favor McClinton in 3 pt. percentage and field goal percentage. 

Look for McClinton to have a very similar role to House in the NBA.  Like House, he is not your typical point guard, but if you pair him with a bigger guard and allow him to defend against point guard’s then he should have a very significant role as a bench player in the NBA. 

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