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Posted on: June 24, 2009 12:36 am
Edited on: June 24, 2009 4:47 pm

NBA Draft Prospect: PG Nick Calathes, Florida

Nick Calathes: 6-5,185, PG/SG, SO. (University of Florida)
Draft Rank: #38

PG Rank: #13


Can play both guard positions, but really knows how to play the point.  Very creative passer.  Sees the entire floor and has the passing ability to hit the open man in stride.  Has very good point guard instincts, despite being a very tall point guard.  Does a good job of jumping into the passing lane and causing steals.  Very good passer in transition.  Does a very good job of finishing in the lane for a point guard.  Makes quick and crisp decisions off the pick and roll.  Is a very good re-bounder for a point guard.  Has good leadership skills.  Is a solid spot up shooter.  Does a good job of cutting and using misdirection to get open without the ball in his hands.  Can pass the ball with either hand which allows him to hit players in stride.  Does a good job of driving and dishing as he uses a drop pass, bounce pass or throws the alley-oop with ease.  Does a good job of contesting threes with his length on the defensive end. 


Doesn’t have the foot speed to defend quick guards at the next level, which will make him a defensive liability.  Doesn’t have a great first step which is essential for NBA point guards.  Lacks NBA quickness to shake the defender so that he can create for himself and others.  Very turn over prone.  Shoots a set shot rather than a jump shot.  Takes a long time for him to get set and get his shot off.  Pushes his shot with his arms rather than using his legs to rise up into his shot.  Needs to step into his shot.  Is a high dribbler which causes him to lose control of the ball.  Isn’t a good shooter off the dribble.  Often loses the ball when he is forced to dribble to his left.  Often throws no look passes into heavy traffic areas which lead to turnovers.  Despite his size he doesn’t have post up ability when he has a mismatch. 


He does a good job of getting his teammates set and instructing them on where to go.  Calathes is a point guard that likes to orchestrate the offense.  He knows how to go get the ball and wants to be involved in every facet of the offense.  Mentally he is pretty solid as he knows how to set the tempo for his team and he is constantly trying to make his teammates better. 

Extra info:

-Led his team in scoring and assists.  
-Older brother Pat, was a successful player at St. Joe’s.
-SEC Co-freshman player of the year. 

Comparison: Marko Jaric, 6-7,210,PG

Would be a good fit for:  Minnesota Timberwolves, Portland Trail Blazers or Washington Wizards


I think whoever drafts Calathes will probably want him to go overseas so that he can get some more experience.  He will be very attractive to teams like Washington or Portland in the 2nd round who don’t have roster space for a 2nd round pick.  The great thing about Calathes is his ability and seemingly willingness to go abroad which is attractive for a lot of teams that are trying to keep rosters to a minimum and payrolls down. 

As for Calathes’ skill set I am not sold that he can be a consistent backup in the NBA.  While he is still young, he is not a consistent shooter and he doesn’t possess the quickness to break down a defense in the NBA.  What he does possess is tremendous size and an ability to see the floor that is important for point guards.  Ultimately if he improves his shot he could become a very solid backup guard who would give a team flexibility as he has the size to slide over the 2.

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